Feel like having an orange? You could open a carton of freshly squeezed orange juice and pour yourself a glass! You may also peel yourself an orange! A few generations from now, kids probably won't recognize an orange. The only orange which they would know of is the liquid form that comes out of a carton.

That may be taking it a touch too far! Nevertheless the fact remains that food landscape is completely different from what it was barely a few decades ago. Our ways of eating have undergone a serious change during the past 100 years or so.

Our ancestors started out as hunters and later progressed to hunters and gatherers. Somewhere down the road in the past 10000 years or possibly even longer, we started to grow grains, vegetables and fruit and reaped the benefits of a diverse diet.

From hunters and gathers and cultivators, we've become enthusiastic and voracious assimilators of food. We no longer eat to live, but we live to eat! And like our ancestors, meat forms a major part of our diet.

You might say we have come full circle. When we started we used to hunt down animals for food! Now the only hunting we do is for top deals or cuts in chicken, beef, pork and seafood in supermarkets.

Speaking for myself, I am not really a total vegetarian. But I really do believe that our consumption of meat is far too high! The consumption of excess meat has resulted in many diseases and lifestyle problems. However, our existence is threatened in an even more potent and ominous way as a result of as diet predominant in meat. We feed our livestock soya and corn; grains that nature never intended as food for cattle. This is actually the second largest known cause of global warming!

The issue is not only about meat! It's about what and just how we eat! The typical supermarket has aisles of various kinds of foods. Look at the grocery that you buy and you will find that many are extremely processed, unwholesome and totally unnecessary.

So, do we stop eating? Or, do we stop processing our food? We can't cease eating for sure! And there's no reason that we can't enjoy our food! We must also process our food or we'll have stones of wasted fruit, vegetables and grain. Somes suggest the use of appetite suppressants, but I don't know.

We must draw the line between food that is healthy for us, and food that is empty calories. We must also eat more of a well-balanced diet with more wholegrain, fruit and veggies and less meat. As consumers we should be aware of difference between food that is wonderful for us and doesn't increase our bottom line and food that's good only for the bottom line of food processing companies.

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